About Eumedion


Which parties can become a member of Eumedion?

  • Institutional investors with legal personality (pension funds, asset managers, managers of investment funds and insurance companies) that hold shares in Dutch listed companies can become an ordinary member.
  • Legal persons who are related to ordinary members but are not institutional investors themselves (such as umbrella organisations) can become an associate member.

The contribution depends on the amount of assets under management. 

What services does Eumedion offer to its members?

Eumedion offers its members services in the field of corporate governance and sustainability. Eumedion does that among other things by:

  • Influencing relevant legislation and regulation in the field of corporate governance, sustainability and reporting.
  • Providing information on current developments in the field of corporate governance, sustainability and reporting through among other things the monthly newsletter, the website, social media and legal alerts
  • Supporting its members to act as an engaged and responsible shareholder. Eumedion does this among other things by facilitating dialogues for its members with Dutch listed companies and by supporting its members in exercising their shareholder rights within and outside the shareholders’ meetings. 

What rights and obligations do the members of Eumedion have?

The rights and obligations of the members are set out in regulations and a membership agreement. 

Deelnemer worden?

Indien u belangstelling heeft om gewone of geassocieerd deelnemer van Eumedion te worden, kunt u schriftelijk een aanvraag tot deelname sturen aan het Algemeen bestuur van Eumedion. Het Algemeen bestuur besluit binnen acht weken over de toelating.

For more information about the membership you can contract the Executive Director of Eumedion, Rients Abma (+31 (0)70 2040 303, +31 (0) 6 5326 1876 or rients.abma@eumedion.nl).

Relevant documents

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