Overview of services

Eumedion is committed to promote good corporate governance and sustainability policies at Dutch listed companies and to promote engaged and responsible shareholdership by its members. Eumedion wants to achieve this by, among other things, supporting its members to act as an engaged and responsible shareholder.

Eumedion does this among other things by:

  • Facilitating dialogues for its members with Dutch listed companies. In preparation for these dialogues, Eumedion drafts an agenda and after the dialogues Eumedion drafts a meeting report. In addition, Eumedion keeps a register of proposals that received 20% or more dissent votes from shareholders during the shareholders’ meeting, so that members can raise this in their dialogues.
  • Supporting its members in exercising their shareholder rights. To this end, Eumedion sends alerts if a controversial topic is on the agenda of a shareholders’ meeting. Eumedion monitors who attends which shareholders’ meeting, so that members can give a proxy to vote and / or to speak to another member. And Eumedion supports its members in drafting speaking notes for the shareholders’ meeting.
  • Sending an annual focus letter to Dutch listed companies and drafting an annual evaluation report of the shareholders’ meeting and annual reports season.
  • Placing the reports of shareholders’ meetings that are drafted by its members on the website of Eumedion, so that members can refer to this in their own reports on the implementation of the voting and engagement policy.
Relevant documents

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