Eumedion publishes revised version of its Corporate Governance Manual

News · 23-12-2021

Eumedion has updated its Corporate Governance Manual in response to the entry into force of new legislation and regulations and changes to its own voting guidelines. The previous version dated from 2017.

The most important changes are the inclusion of the Stewardship Code and the impact of new statutory rules on shareholders' rights and obligations and on the voting items on the agendas of shareholders' meetings. In addition, the Eumedion recommendations with regard to the structure of executive remuneration have been amended on one point. As of 1 January 2022, Eumedion members expect Dutch listed companies that "a substantial part" of the variable remuneration elements is based on environmental, social and/or governance ('ESG') goals. Until now, the only 'recommendation' was that part of the variable remuneration was made dependent on the achievement of ESG objectives. Eumedion members use the Manual in determining their voting behaviour at the shareholders' meetings of Dutch listed companies. It is also used in Eumedion's decision-making process to alert its members to a controversial voting item on the shareholders' meeting agenda of a Dutch listed company.

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2022 edition of the Eumedion Corporate Governance Manual