Eumedion broadly supports the proposed Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

News · 19-04-2022

Eumedion is generally positive about the proposed Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDD proposal). This is evident from the Eumedion feedback statement on the proposed directive, which was submitted today. 

According to Eumedion, the proposed directive will help to ensure that large European and non-European companies operating in the European market do business in a decent and fair manner throughout the entire value chain. Eumedion does feel, however, that the CSDD proposal should be strengthened on a number of points. For example, companies should not only identify and prevent adverse impacts of their activities on human rights and the environment, but also on climate. In addition, Eumedion believes that the climate action plans that large companies have to prepare on the basis of the proposed directive should contain science-based CO2 emission reduction targets and that such plans should be verified by an independent, external party. Finally, Eumedion is of the opinion that the proposal for a directive must be clarified on some points. It is unclear, for instance, whether the proposed directive also applies to the investee companies of institutional investors and, if so, what the investors’ obligations in that respect are. In addition, Eumedion recommends that the scope of the proposed directive be aligned with other relevant European financial sustainability legislation, such as the CSRDSFDR and the Taxonomy Regulation.

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